SAM Processes

SAM Process Optimization

Software Asset Management (SAM) tooling is expensive and difficult to install, implement, integrate and configure. «We have no idea how we do this, but I think there is this one person in our procurement division who takes care of it!», is what we often hear at customers.

Being compliant is a shared responsibility of every employee, contractor, consultant, manager etc. Just getting the best, cheapest or most expensive tool, won't really help you if there are no processes and awareness created around it.
Putting all the risks on a licensing manager's plate is also a dish best not served at all.

We're more than happy to set up customized workshops to make you aware of all changes that should raise a red flag or to provide you with strategic advice and best practices on Software Asset Management (SAM) and Procurement.

There is no "one solution fits all" in this field, however, depending on your current and future needs and requirements, GDPR compliance status, we'll help you make the right decisions for your assets and data, regardless of where they reside.