C-5 Coaching

C-5 Coaching

WhiteRaven IT is happy to assist you in the user adoption of the Modern Workplace (M365/O365).

The provided services consist of:


Inspiration session: Providing helicopter view of the Modern Workplace
Goal: provide end-users, managers, project sponsors with the much-needed overall view of M365/O365. Focus is on the forest, not the trees.

Workshop: New Way of Working / Team Productivity
Goal: per functional team establish explicit team agreements given all the means that the Modern Workplace introduce, what communication means will be used for what purpose, what is the lifecycle of information, how to collaborate with people external to the team/company?

Workshop: Increase your Personal Productivity
Goal: how to tackle the information overflow that keeps the individual away from the ‘real work’? This problem does not go away by introducing the Modern Workplace, as opposed to what Microsoft says in its marketing story. In many ways, it’s even getting more complicated. It’s up to the individual user to find ways to survive the daily struggle of information overload and distraction, and make sure that the own agenda gets prioritized.