C-1 Compliance

C-1 Compliance

' Cost Savings '

You are under pressure to reduce the cost of your software investment and you do not have a clear view where to realize these savings?

Are you over-licensed in one area, cost reduction is in its place.
Are you under-licensed in another area, cost avoidance will be identified.

' Contract Renewal '​

Are you facing a contract renewal and want to be prepared with a concrete licensing shopping list before going into negotiation? Knowing exactly what your company needs is the first step in the contract renewal process.

' Merger, acquisition or divestiture '

Making a snapshot and define the actual software license position and reflecting TCO, so it can be included in the due diligence.

' Audit '

Want to be ahead of an audit?
Good idea, vendors audit their customers approximately each 4 years, you better be one step ahead and in control.

' Moving to the cloud '

Knowing where to go to with your IT environment is one aspect of moving to the cloud.
Another one is looking at your current software assets and investigating whether it is wise to build bridges on existing license investments and puzzle on top of these to get into to the cloud, or go immediately for new cloud subscription bundles.
Where is the tipping point for your company?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?
If so, then consider a “Microsoft Compliance Exercise” with White Raven IT’s partner eco-system, designed for Microsoft services.

In order to provide ‘excellent services’, White Raven IT selected a partner specialized in compliance as it requires a wide range of diverse skills and expertise going from tools and technical infrastructure to data collection processes and legal understanding. Besides these Software Asset Management experts working on your project, a White Raven will be involved as project manager to keep the helicopter view and guide you through the entire process.