Why looking for a cure, if prevention is just around the corner?

Oracle Audit & Asset Management

As there are so many pitfalls in Oracle audit scenarios, it was too complex to write one case about it. So, we decided to go for a summary of pain points we already encountered:

“At the end of Oracles fiscal year, the 31st of May, we received an offer we could not refuse. We were asked to sign this Oracle Cloud Contract before midnight. We did not have the time to check the contract as such and signed it. We knew that somewhere in those 100s of pages we were screwed. Who can do a contract risk analysis and indicate how we can strengthen our legal position for future contracts?” – CIO at a big Oracle customer

“We received an Oracle audit via an authorized partner and a huge incompliancy was discovered due to our VMWare environment. An Oracle LMS acceptance letter was sent to us and needed to be signed and an order had to be placed within the next 30 days.

We felt a lot of pressure on one hand and on the other hand we were informed the incompliancy cost could significantly be reduced if we would adjust our infrastructure. How could we find a settlement with Oracle?” – IT Infrastructure Manager at medium sized Oracle customer

“We know we are not compliant at this moment, possibly for more than just a few millions of Dollars. We have very complex Oracle contracts and no visibility on license usage, no understanding of all products, accidental and non-authorized usage of management packs. On top of that the company is also making losses due to missing processes and not enough control, even the jobs of some employees are at risk. Due to this situation we do not feel comfortable in our communication to auditing teams or Oracle and we are looking for an IT partner who can guide us through this complex process. We want to have peace of mind and able to focus on what really matters in the near future.” – Stakeholders at a key Oracle customer

“We just acquired company ‘x’ which also has Oracle contracts in place. We are now looking for an IT advisor who can merge both contracts and get the best out of both worlds. Taking into account a variety of old and new metrics, options and management packs, hardware changes, virtualization, backups, failover, standby, usage discovery, etc…” – Business Process Owners at two larger Oracle customers

The advice of White Raven IT in all of these cases is simple: “Knowledge and getting in control is key and it pays off to be pro-active rather than re-active. Compliant customers have a better relationship and negotiate better deals with Oracle